Decrease Ferocity?

I am currently debating whether I should decrease the ferocity of my lineup, so that my strongest creature will be my armormata. This would allow for more depth to my lineup, as it costs lots of dna to increase the depth of my current lineup. Thoughts?


No, it seems balanced. That’s a lot that you’ll lose. It’s deep enough, prob just a few loose ends.


True, however I would still have around one million dna to spend. With that, I could purchase many tournament hybrids and keep them at level 10; this would also allow me to get more Dino’s faster. I have taken your advice into consideration; I thank you for it.

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If u want to do that then I’d just sell the indoraptor and one of the level 20 segnos. You really don’t need a lot and I don’t see how selling and replacing with level 10 tourneys will help.


The idea is that my lineup would be strong enough to consistently reach dominator, and I could heavily increase the depth of my lineup. Every now and then, I have to spend bucks to get my Dinos out of cooldown. This would make it so I don’t have to do that, not to mention the fact that everything would have a reasonably short cooldown.

I’d just wait. With a grind it would take less than a month.

S-Hybrids > VIPs > Tourney Hybrids > Base Legendary Hybrids.

The reason why S-Hybrids beat Tourney Hybrids is because of how the yare obtained, by earning SDNA. Monostego, Giganky, Tapejalo, and Indo all have poor sell prices which make them not worth selling.

Even VIPs aren’t worth selling because they only sell for 5k a pop, with a L40 selling for 40k, the same selling price as a L1-10 Indo.

So in total, your current lineup is balanced, and you would lose more by selling off everything, down to an Armormata level.

But the level of your top dinos already surpass the first 20 levels of Dom. I sit just higher than your top roster and I don’t use them in tournaments at all. Granted, I have every base tourney at L40 and don’t shoot past spot 80 in any tournament, but your roster is just fine for dom. If it’s hard for you to reach dom, then work on the size of your roster around the L40 tourney dinos. That way it’s a nice buffer when your grinding thru pred.


While my lineup is strong enough to consistently reach dominator, I struggle to complete my events afterwords.

That’s why working on expanding your middle roster should fix that. One of thee best ways to expand your middle roster is to grind for Dimetrocarnuses. They are relatively cheap, have amazing CDs, and can be turn around and sold for a better price for DNA. They are a go-to for many players on here within tournaments. Plus you can pump one out every other week or so by grinding in modded PvP, so they are relatively easy to obtain. It just takes a few steps to grinding out the Pyroraptor copies to make Carnoraptor.


This is more of a personal preference, but I generally like to have variation in my lineup. Decreasing my ferocity will allow me to have more variations in stats for each class; With that lineup i posted above, I only had one option for a powerful amphibian (ostaposaurus). With a decrease in ferocity, I could have a couple glass-cannon type amphibians that would be at the top of my lineup, like gryposuchus.

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Obviously any player can approach the game as they see fit. If you want to sell off any amount of creatures you can, why stop at Armormata, you only need around lvl 20 VIP to participate in tournaments, why not sell down to that level?

My recommendation would be to sell, nothing, your lineup is not out of balance over time you can add depth, if you are using creatures higher than lvl 30 VIP in tournaments you are wasting creatures IMHO. Obviously you can use stronger if you have extra creatures to use that have no other purpose to use them for but they are not needed.

But again any player can do as they wish.


I think you have a pretty good line-up, if you consistently ran out of your top creatures to fight, it is probably due the you crewing 3x top (as and when ready) creatures in every fight, esp after Predator League. I always try to select 1 strong + 2 mid or 1 super strong + 2 super weak creatures for matches so you’ll be able to minimise the usage of your strongest creatures. I have an army of 7x Level 10 Indos, if I’m not fighting PvE or CoT, I will use them in Dominator league this way = Level1 Triceratop + Level 10 Indo + Level 1 Triceratop. In doing so, I lower the overall Ferocity to the point where all 3 opponents are no match for my 1x Indo, and I win 33 cups x 7 every day. Hope this helped……don’t sell, just lower your match ferocity