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Decrease in 8 hours incubators


I Became a VIP player 2 days before the 1.6 uptate, but it was until Monday that 8 hours incubators have become very rare now to me , I used to get at least 2 daily, now I have had a strike of six 3 hours incubator and a 15 min one which is kind of frustrating , because I am not getting any epic DNA , is it how the VIP MEMEBERSHIP works or is it the update limiting the accces to epic DNA ?
Here is my current screen /


I’ve not noticed any change. Still the same process as it’s always been, which is this:


I posted, but it got hidden, because it was oh so rule breaking! :expressionless:

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There’s a fixed sequence of incubators. You’ll always get the same. It goes like this
3, 3, 15, 3, 8, repeat. And in a cycle of 100 battles, you’ll get one 24 and two 12.