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Decrease the Rising Cost for Retries

I think you people have this backwards.

When I mess up on an epic tower, the first retry is :money_with_wings:200. Then if I mess up again, the retry is :money_with_wings:500. This is insane. I don’t know what the point is of upping the retry cost. Sometimes we are really close to winning and wish we had used a different creature or messed up on moves. Or we would like to try a completely different team.

The cost of continued retries should go down, like half. The first one being :money_with_wings:200 then the next one should go down to :money_with_wings:100, then :money_with_wings:50, then :money_with_wings:25, then :money_with_wings:10 and free after that. Something like this.

This rise in retry cost takes the fun out of close battles where you lose and would like to try more then once or twice even without breaking the bank. Please consider this change.


The idea is that if you really want the reward at the end of it you will spend in order to attempt it. I prefer your suggestion - start high and lower it.

Thanks,much appreciated for those of us that may have failed & wanna try again