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Decreased Drops, Increased Hidden Spawns

I don’t know the percentage but from home to work, there is a definite decrease in drops but as I’m driving to and from work, there is an increase in my phone buzzing from those hidden spawns.

Spawn rate was never a problem for me but this decrease in drops around home to only being one in range has killed the game here. At work, they are actually moved around and even around my work building but the same amount in reach as when out on the street. I can’t just be playing at work. Lately, I’m too busy to even sneak darting and spinning drops between items.

The lack of home drops is the thing that may drive me to fill my time with something else and pull me away from JWA. It’s getting cold and gets dark right after I get home. The time change is coming so it will be dark when I get home. One drop is no reason to even bother with this game here at home. At work I’m too busy. I can spin drops to and from work but for what if I’m not collecting DNA to grow creatures.

I know this was a between update so I hope the big one that comes in December with ice and snow will have improvement with the drop situation or I’m just going to fall off the band wagon. I don’t play Harry Potter or Pokemon for this very reason. I have no resources to play.


It’s a matter of luck really… some have got more drops around their home (my case)… Though I’m upset because I had a spawn point right at my house and now it’s gone


It’s awful. There is no way the game will survive the winter with so few supply drops.