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Decreased spawn rate?

I have noticed the dino spawns are very less since 3 days. They about 2-3 on my entire map . Last time I contacted support but they kept saying creatures migrate . Looks like they will never migrate to my area. How am i supposed to play.

I left the game for a few months due to local unplayable spawn rates within at least 5 miles.

Eventually enough did return so I did. Disappointing spawning isn’t a higher priority for Ludia. The game is way too location sensitive.

I know some players struggle on and travel long distances to play but the tumble weed deserts of JWA add nothing and shouldn’t be acceptable.


I have noticed it as well. It seemed to get worse once they brought back alliance missions.

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I used to have 3+ dinos within my range, and I pay for the extended reach, but now I see maybe one in several hours. At this rate, I see no reason to continue paying the extra money, because it’s boring. I’m not into it for the battles–because at 17th level–I can’t seem to beat anyone anymore.

No fun = No money