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Dedicated areas for cenozoic and aquatic creatures

It would be awesome if we could showcase the cenozoic and aquatic creatures more. Like make an ice region or ice island and use the sea around the islands to place aquatics.


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That would be truly amazing, like Jurassic Park Builder it would be really awesome if we had Park-like setup for Aquatic and Cenozoic creatures :facepunch:t3:


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I would love that, we could move between park with a monorail or something, just like jurassic park builder, we could have a special enclosure for each of them

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Yeah, like placing them in waters just like land dinos!

Yes it’s dull just having them in a list. The actual parks from these creatures in JPB were much nicer. It would be nice to lay them out in a park and enhance their performance with decorations.

It would be a step towards Aquatics and Cenos not being such a afterthought in the game.


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I would be 100% behind the idea. I especially love the animation of the ceno creatures, so would enjoy looking at them more. With only being able to see them in a list, I often forget about the creatures I need to lvl up or fuse.


And then we could have code 19s for aquatics🤯