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Dedication can make a difference

Among top ten players, at least 3 of them are asians, even with only 1/15 of the fastest internet speed (30 mb/s vs 500 mb/s, their screens update 1-1.5 second delay vs those with the fastest internet) and poor epic spawn rates (prob only 25% of the best areas). They are playing under such a poor condition, however, the fact has proved that nothing is impossible. So any players (better single and no kid…lol) willing to play hard and think strategically could join the top 50 group one day.

I believe top players would like to meet more challenges from highly potential players or they will feel bored…

Finally, wish Covid 19 will end soon and everyone can go hunting freely!

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I would like to see more new alliances be made who have dreams of climbing up the leaderboard. We should see some new rising stars when it comes to skilled tournaments. Keep having some hope, we have new dinos today.

We have an Asian member who showed us that, because google maps is blocked, they don’t have any (!!) supplydrops or striketowers. Yet he manages to climb in trophies and evolve his team. Using sanctuaries within the alliance and he gets all requests maxed (obviously).

Among the top 50, 50 of them are humans.


Everything you say is true but you forget an important detail. The top 10 are great players but also people who have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in the game.
Joining your message and mine, it is true, with a lot of dedication and many thousands of dollars, you can be among the first;)