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Deepening My Lineup

Currently this is my lineup, and I have a level 20 Apatosaurus and Tanycolagreus in the wait along with another level 20 Pterodactylus. After this, I’ll add a level 30 Kentrosaurus and a few level 40 Legendaries (I’m thinking of Ostafrikasaurus, Microposaurus, Dimorphodon, Pteranodon and Unaysaurus).

Further deepening will be done much later once I collect enough DNA for a few more Indominus Rexes.

This ferocity will probably be in lineup for a few months before I move on to further (level 20 Indominus, level 30 VIPs, probably Indoraptor level 1, etc) which will be a LOT later in my gaming session.

My current teams (till the level 20 Brachiosaurus) give me good Dominator finishes, and ocassionally the level 10 VIPs also contribute in Dominator victories.

What do you guys think, any suggestions?

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I’m not to dissimilar to you current ferocity level and for me I’ve been trying to balance all my line up and build numbers. It seems to be working for me so far having been able do to most tournament ending in dominator since the Brachiosaurus tournament. So that’s how I’m managing…slowly creeping ferocity while building quantity and & even spread.

For reference my lineup


More depth.

I wouldn’t level up any higher until you have a lot more depth.


I’m going to post my line-up too later today. I need some suggestions.

I was not really strategic in the beginning, and still not as strategic as most. I allow my seven year old nephew to make a lot of decisions about hatching and evolving. As I play, I mainly set personal goals that I carry out, even when it makes matches more difficult. However, I’m able to do daily missions, complete the events I choose, and stay in Dominator, despite how unbalanced my bench gets from time to time…


Like @Timmah said I would’t level up your line up either for now. You need more of each type especially for events that demand one specific type (those events make you often fight in a disadvantage too).
One good advice I received was to focus on the dinos that have superhybrids. Those creatures will help you on the long run and you can actually save a lot of dna on shybrids and start focusing on other high cost creatures like gorgosuchus or cerazino.

You definitely need more meat shield herbivores if that’s your dom strategy, so unaysaurus could work, also some people are obsessed with ankylodocus, but I would also suggest stegoceratops.

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I like ankylodocus as it worked well at L20 in Dom AND could fight 3 times a day. stegoceratops at L20 was not very effective at all.

Make stegoceratops for the super hybrid.

Dinos that work well at L20 in Dom are a huge advantage to those who want to make it into Dom for the first time or are really struggling. I road L20 ankylodocus to the top of Dom by Saturday mid day. You will out grow them as everything else levels up. But they are still great 3:1 Herbs for later continued use. And work great around L24 in Dom.

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