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Anybody know if Eucladoceros still exists in the wild? I haven’t seen it for probably two weeks at least. I would just like to stop wasting my time at dusk if it’s been reverted to santuaries.

I haven’t seen it, but I haven’t been hunting for it either. Dusk and Dawn are very short time periods for hunting. And Dusk is the only one I can do since I’m not waking up at Dawn :sweat_smile:

It’s out there, I darted it first day. Rly it’s just awful spawn RNG :rofl: :rofl:

It’s definitely out there… I always get 1 :deer: at dusk… never seen one spawn at dawn…

I’ve been running Giga scents at dusk nearly every day, and I’ve only got 1 or 2.

I’ve probably gotten five or six total, but not since the update. This is my question. Did the spawn rates change/get obliterated with the update?

Yeah, a week after the update came out I found 2 at dusk and unlocked Testacornibus, I also pulled one out of a Giga Scent

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Saw one at dawn yesterday, out of range of course

I never get any deer.


An early Birthday present Ludia? Thank you! I shot a 231!

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And a real, proper birthday present today was 110 Nasuto which gave me one more fuse on Carbo and by extension…
40 DNA on Testacornibus!!! Now I’m only 70 Testacornibus away from completing my Dinodex. Thank you Ludia!