Where is the deer in alliance missions…

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Ludia ludia’d pal… ludisigh

It says megalosaurus not Megaloceros.
They are kinda similar tho.

The ingame banner says otherwise… again

you are correct. I wasn’t really paying attention to the in game banners. They’ve messed them up enough times for me to just not believe them.


Hey everyone, our team is aware of this, and they’re looking into it. It should just be visual. Megalosaurus is the correct one. :sweat:

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Well you need to bring those guys you created recently like the deer, woolly rhino, woolly mammoth. Titanboa etc. I can never find any and cant level them up. So it would be nice if you make them as part of alliance rewards or a weekly event.

Rhino is in the wild where you find spino, parasaur, and mono gen2. As for the rest, they are sadly event locked and cannot be found in either the wild or incubators.

What does event locked mean?

It does not spawn in the wild and it is not obtainable from regular incubators or battle incubators. It is only obtainable during events such as pursuits or green drops, hence event-locked

Ok I’m level 20 and I have never heard of pursuits or green drops lol. Please explain.

You know those green coloured supply drops with dinos underneath them? Those change every week, and are considered part of the weekly events showcase. Pursuits are when a certain dino that is an ingredient for a hybrid is released into the wild for one week, and it will spawn more often than usual.

Some creatures such as Allosaurus G2 and Titanoboa can only be obtained from their pursuits, or when they are part of the weekly showcase, aka under the green drops. You can follow jwa on socials or check your in game news for all the pursuits and events going on.

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