Default facing direction



one thing I find fairly annoying is that most actions reset facing direction to north. It’s perfectly logical to have it face north on game start, but having to rotate each time after many actions is a time waster and after time, pure annoyance. I suggest keeping track of session direction and return to it, to eliminate this nuisance.


Funny I always think this as I am walking because I frequently change directions and many times I forget which way the next dinosaur I was going after is!

It’s very possible this is a google map thing on phones!

Only way to know for sure would be to do a google map gps session and plot a course a few blocks away and move in different directions and see if the map keeps up with me and changes to show my true direction

I wonder if in the future the game could use a different map service we might get a better game out of it!

Can you imagine if ludia came up with its own gps mapping system how incredible that would be

Spoofing would be a thing of the past and Ludia could actually change your spawns instantly and make parks work that don’t work as parks now!

Envision it! You have something in the game for X amount of real money you choose 3 dinosaurs and they spawn in your area for 24 hours!


This used to bug me too - less so once I realised you can tap the map button to make it rotate automatically and face the right direction (most of the time anyway).


Nice, wasn’t aware of that, thanks. Guess I never tapped on the map icon once in the map view.

i see it is a bit slow-ish in rotation, but even so, will shave a second getting your bearings. Maybe changing the color of the map icon to indicate auto-direction on/off or in some way highlighting the options itself as a possibility wouldn’t hurt in making more people aware it’s there. And having it’s on/off state remembered between screen changes would be good (just tried, going to dino screen and back, and I’m back to facing north, but doing so in arena screen remembered my rotation in the map).


@PQC thank you for that tip! It actually works!

Nice to get good information here instead of the endless spoofing and battle complaining


We have my son to thank; after weeks of listening to me bitching about having to rotate it back to the direction of walking he just said “Dad, why don’t you just tap the icon?” - Doh! It helps but I agree that making it the default action would be good.


@PQC lol. Extended thanks to your son too then