Defeat 10 creatures


So when I saw this new feature, it got me playing PVP again… well till I got my participation prize incubator and then I stopped for the day even though my slots were not all filled because you had to wait 24 hours to do another 10 creatures.

Today I noticed you can keep working for that participation prize. So now I’m filling my slots. If I can beat at least one dino, I’m happy and loosing isn’t so bad. I suppose I could just keep playing all day long but, you know, you can only play and fight the same things over and over so much.

When winter comes and I can’t get out, this is going to be a good way to get dna and coins and some darts. I see this as a good add and improvement.


it’s a kind of incubator gained even if you are unlucky and keep losing, you defeat 1 or 2 dinos per match and you can have prizes also if you loose the battles.
I am happy with it.
Yes, you need to wait to the daily incubator to be available to be filled with other victory points because you open the incub right away, without waiting not even a second to open it.
I think it is fair.