Defeat Berk

Would you mind to repair the defeat berk counter in one of the next updates? It got stuck at 999.
If the counter in the database is an integer field, it should have counted further on, so please display the right number after repairing.
Thanx a lot!

I’d like it if to switch enemies now and then, so you have to vary your dragons.

Let’s say:

  • Alvin uses strong ships at the front so you need some Heart type dragons
  • Drago’s ships are all far away so you need the Ranged dragons
  • Viggo uses dragon proof ships, so you need to use at least one Fire dragon to melt the armour first (or just keep attacking it, but that takes time)

Then maybe every 100 fleets you get a hooded figure enemy (Johann) whose face you can’t see who has some super powered ships but you get double the rewards.