Defeat even though I won strike event


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Stunning AI in Strike Towers
Pterosaurs strike bug
Fix this now lol AI stun bug
EPIC annoyance

Timer ran down on blue every time even though I was ahead 2 to 0. I had 4 bars 4g. She was stunned and yet i was defeated.


It happened to me too. Closed the app and tried again later. Luckily i could finished the tower. Not worth it though, the incubators were really bad.
Just give ir a rest and try later!


Yea. I ended up beating it after that. Just annoying to wait that long and lose.


It did the same to me. It seems everytime I stunned a dino the clock would run its whole course of 240secs. But also with the Blue I was up 2 to 0 and said I lost after time elapsed. But still won suckas…lol


Bug Description: When I stun an opponent dino (the computer) in a strike event, that dino doesn’t make a move so I end up having to wait for their turn to time out (a lengthy 280 seconds or so).

Area is was found in: In today’s rare blue strike event.

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Begin strike event.
Step 2 - Use dino like tragodistis to stun a dino like Blue.

How often does it happen: So far it has happened both times I stunned the computer opponent.

What type of device are you using: Android (Google Pixel 2)

Anything else?
Screenshot_20180918-182619 !


Happened to my daughter on an iPhone 6 as well

Pterosaurs strike bug

Same happened to me. I made a post about it.


Battling the Koolasuchus with my tragodisitis I stunned it, it stayed stunned, I then proceeded to take 3 more turns while the Koolasuchus was still stunned, when I beat it blue came out and the game stopped I had to wait for it to time out before it went back to normal.


Hey everyone, thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. Reach out to our team here at with your support key and details on what happened so they can gather more information and try and prevent this from happening again.

Why I couldn't win the assault event?

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Bug Description: Stunning AI “blue raptor” in Strike Towers results in the AI opponent taking 230 seconds to “think”. Upon successfully carrying out the attack after waiting 230 seconds my Stegoceratops of course stuns the AI again, resulting in the AI “thinking” for 230 seconds. Before it reached 0 this time it came up saying I was defeated!

Area is was found in: Rare Strike Tower

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Strike Tower
Step 2 - Use Stegoceratops or other to Stun AI.
(add more if needed)

How often does it happen: Happened twice within the same battle.

What type of device are you using: Samsung S7

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)
Nothing else

Why I couldn't win the assault event?

I was playing the strike event when I got to 5th pterosaurs strike I used the stun move on it and when the computer got stunned he never became unstunned making the whole 220 seconds just run out. And then I stunned him again and he did not come out of being stunned 1/2 way through the 220 seconds the 2ed time it told me I lost. Now I’m going to have to pay the 200 Dino dollars to replay. I would like to be re-compensated for this if possible. image



Yeah was posted here: Fix this now lol AI stun bug

And here: Defeat even though I won strike event


If you stun a AI than it doesn’t make a move until the full timer goes down and makes you wait for around 3 minutes
Screenshot_20180922-103130_JW%20Alive Screenshot_20180918-125327_JW%20Alive


As well as if you make a invincibility move on your dino it makes them not move as well


I reported this too!

It gets worse actually, this is what happened to me. I used Stegoceratops vs AI Blue. I stunned it and it spent the entire time thinking and counting down until it got to 0. Quitting out the game and back in made no difference. BUT when it counted down to 0 and the turn happened, oh yes of course my Stegoceratops stuns Blue again! Damn RNG.

Anyway, it started counting down again, but when it got down to around 100 or something it came up saying Opponent won! So I got marked down as having lost an attempt. Was not pleased.


The counting down to zero happened to me and actually I was going to lose when another bug actually played in my favor lol, I would have lost to the OP trio birds but for some reason my stun move stunned the legend and it bugged it out where it wouldn’t make a move but it just skipped its turned and went to the next turn stunned, it was permanently stunned lol and it didn’t make me wait til 0 it just went right away, killed the legend and the other birds went the same way, bug went in ny favor


Actually it didn’t happen to me, I stunned them with my utahsinraptor twice in a rown but the turn ended immediatly.

Pterosaurs strike bug

Yup, being reported plenty of times, but nothing is being done about it.