Defeat Incubators

So currently to get an incubator you need to win a match in PvP simple enough… but winning is not guaranteed and Time is limited. So I’m thinking after X losses you get an incubator. 2x Losses a 15 min, 4x losses 3h, 7x losses 8h.

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Make 7 losses 15 minute and 2 loses 8 hour and 4 losses the same

While i do like the idea of getting a consolidation price after you lose, this will unfortunately increase the number of droppers as it allows them to grind for incubators with relative ease as they have to do basically zero leveling up for their creatures since all they need to do is lose.

I would maybe suggest the reward(s) to be limited to supplies such as 100 coins, 2 bucks, etc.

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