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Defeated 3 Dinos and opponent sent a 4th out


I defeated my opponents three Dinos and then he sent out a fourth and I lost to it so it was a draw. This is BS.


Hey BlackIndoraptor, thanks for reporting this to us. There’s a similar issue on this thread here: Bug with hit and run / counter attack
Reach out to our support team at with more information and your support key including any screenshots of the issue to assist them with the investigation.


I just won a battle and my opponent brought out his or hers Tyrannosaurus rex and I definitely won the battle because I had 3 trophy’s after I defeated the persons 3 dinosaurs but my opponent brought his or hers Tyrannosaurus rex out and beat my kentrosaurus when I had already beaten the persons dinosaurs and it says the battle was a draw when I technically won the battle


I once had to fight two indominus in one battle. :sweat_smile:
I won anyway and I don’t have a single legendary yet, wich kinda makes me doubt his worth