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Defeating Lord Lythronax (Campaign 78)

Here’s what I currently have that qualifies for the battle:

They have light to moderate boosts and none are faster than the lord (Vexus has fairly heavy boosts but the wrong kit).

Do I have a chance? Is there a strategy I can use?

Or do I need wait until after I level up a different dino that’s not here?

If you want to try, use Tryko, Thor, Indo, and Rinex

How much HP does your thor have? @jbthepaysonite

Thor needs lvl 30 health, that is not oneshot. Here are Lord stats. Its also immune.

EDIT: You can use Tryko, Indo and Thor (if Thor has over 5058 health). Lord goes IR, DSR, Nullifying strike, IR.

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I would say your chances are pretty slim as it is. Tryko and Thor don’t need to be faster, but they do need to be able to take a hit and deal out a lot of punishment of their own, while Indoraptor and Utahrinex should absolutely be faster than Lord, while still be able to take a hit and deal out damage as well.

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Chances are very slim. I know it’s been done with non-meta teams and there was a video where two of the three dinos used had no boosts at all.

Two things to consider are it’s free to try and lose, and if you can’t beat it until after the update the incubator may have brand new dinos as a chance added.

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i win with: indoraptor- 29->dracoceratops-29 ->thradolosauros-30 ,Mr lytronax death,:skull_and_crossbones:

Under 5000, it’s not enough to survive

Thanks guys, I think I’ll just keep battling and working to level and boost for now.

I’m still far away from Lord, but it seems Tryo would do well against him. Just make sure he’s faster than 142 (my Tryo already is) and has more than 5048 HP. Use RTC+DSR, it will allow you to avoid counter and then reduce Lord’s HP by half.

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Best lineup: indo g1 @L30 - 6/11/8, thor @L30 - 10/11/8, tryko @L28 - 10/8/3, tryo @L30 - 10/10/10.
(My 2 cents)

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Its at least 5059 hp for any creature that can’t dodge to survive a hit.

Indeed, my math gone wrong