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Defeating simultaneous 6 star Alphas


Hey friendly neighborhood,
How’s everyone going with their new clans battling out of these new alphas. I know how easy it is when you start with the weakest alpha but then continues to grow every few days gone by being defeated. Thus our clan comes across the 6 star beast. 1st attempt we won against it and was an interesting battle. Using a lot of our energy. Then comes a 2nd one, most clan members who have used up most our energy slowly make haste to take it down once again but alas it was not enough. With only 100k hitpoints left we fall with defeat. So we move on eith the next hour summoning the previous 6 star alpha that comes back for a rematch. So what is the problem. ‘Energy’. We’re doing worse than the 1st encounter, why? We cannot preserve enough energy to keep going. It’s ok we started to lose and that doesn’t bother me but i wanted to:
A. See how other clans are going with those continuos 6 star alphas?
B. Is there such thing as a 7 star alpha or furthermore?
C. I had a suggestion and I’d like to see people’s opinion here. “What if everyone’s energy would reset to max before the next alpha?” It would have everyone ready to fight the next alpha without the lack of energy and the games system with energy depletion/recharge will still exist during the alphas appearance, what do you say this this proposition? Please share your comments below. :pray::thinking::blush:


We killed our 2nd 6* this time, so pretty sure/hopes that we will see a 7* today.


It’s about energy management. Sometimes you need to not hit alpha and let your energy recharge for the next battle. It adds a layer of strategy.

Don’t worry, Ludia has insisted alpha levels are random so you should have some easy ones soon :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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Is there a 7 stars alphas ? If so,then what’s the maximum of the stars for them ?


Ludia used 7* in their chest example. I would assume 10* would be max based on it being a nice round number. Seems likely based on how most are doing. There is a lot of power yet to be gained by 95% of the players


Did it occur to you that “1 energy being regenerated every 4 hours” means that you have up to 6 energy every 24 hours? That you can log in once every 12 hours to drain one energy and keep preserving the rest? That, perhaps, if most of your damage bots made some schedule so that they blew 3 energy within two hours of Alpha’s appearance and then had 12 hours to regenerate another 3 energy, blow that and then call it a day?
Or that if you overinvest into the current Alpha - perhaps that’s your own problem?

Or, at the VERY least, that once you establish a win\lose pattern, where if you can beat a 5 or 6 star Alpha, but can’t beat a 6 or 7 Alpha - that you can overinvest into an Alpha that you can beat, and then just take a break and save up energy during the day when there’s an inevitable Alpha that you can’t beat?

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yes 7* are very real lol