Defeating the last boss

I am 2 nodes away from the final boss, anything happen aside from the last challenge opening?

nop nothing

Each node you complete in Explore mode increases the amount of gold from all secret and all free chests. Free chests get to over 100g per opening and secret rooms go over 300g even if they are from Sharpstone Keep

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You get a legendary item as your final reward when you complete the campaign

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Just beat it today! Can’t wait for more adventures

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What level were you when you finish the last boss? I’m using 4 level 10s and getting slapped around by level 15s.

My highest was a level 10 wizard, bard, cleric and 9 fighter, having a level 2 legendary squint for bard helped a lot, and the legendary staff for the wizard

I’m at renown 14, 4 Heroes at 12 and 4 at 11. Beat it with cleric, Bard, wizard, and Dragonborn, my 4 level 12s. Dominate at level 5 is a game changer.