Defeating Utasinoraptor


With the ability to act first on God knows how many occasions… what’s the best strategy to kill this beast?

P.s - I don’t have indoraptor :joy:


Stegodeus, tragodistis, stegoceratops etc since it doesn’t have armor piercing abilities.


All those thanks dead by uthasinoraptor cause he spam stun and - 50% dmg 2 turns, i have lvl 23 stegodeus and got raped by that beast if near or same lvl.
Only way i defeat they is whit high lvl v raptor and oneshoting him.


Ok thanks… I am glad to not be alone.


lol… been using utasinoraptor for a while, and never realized it is -50% for 2 turns. thats crazy. i always thought it was 1


Lol let me guess… Yours is level 22? :grin::joy:


nah… 16. will be higher after this utahraptor event is over though


I’ve had no trouble killing them with my stegodeus. Instant charge does a stun but it’s damage is relatively low.


Yeah but after instant charge he have again distract impact and - 50% dmg for another 2 turns so stegodeus do no dmg to him and he have like 15% dmg reduction and nice life too for being a raptor. In 1vs1 i only kill they whit v raptor or indoraptor