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Defence Missions - Do raids count?

Just wondering if we have anything concrete on this. There are a few questions that I’m still not 100% sure on the answers to:

  • Do completed raid battles (win or lose) count towards the battle count for weekly defence missions?

  • Do surrendered raid battles count towards the battle count?

  • Do incubator rewards from raid battles count towards the incubator count?

Would be good if @Ned could comment :slight_smile:


they count but if you quit the raid before it is over it doesn’t count


What ajrocks said. But you get 4 counts on the incubator if you kill an apex boss. Not sure but I think unique bosses have that too.

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Hey Lbreeze321, points 1 and 3 should count, from my experience.

However, surrendering a raid would not count under the battle count.

Thanks everyone - those are the answers that I was hoping for!

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Why can raids time out? Everyone has selected their dinos, battle begins. The next screen shows the timer. Normally the fight starts after a short moment, but today it has expired.