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Defend Berk difficult

I am doing it wrong or is Defend Berk extremely difficult?

My dragons are at lvl 62 and I even got two of the best defenders dragons (Wise wind and Spitelout’s Kingstail) but I can’t get a single key.
It’s really frustating when I get the “get 20 keys” gobber dutie.
Is there something I’m missing or this is supposed to be this difficult?


Not doing anything wrong. The difficulty jumped up A LOT with the patch. Was nowhere mentioned though.


I kind of feel that the drop rate of collectibles has increased too. It’s rare now not to get AT LEAST ONE in every 6 hour card pack.

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I have been playing RoB since March, and have always found Defend Berk seems to be a half-baked “afterthought” game-within-a-game. I am Level 64, and up until the last update, was able to defeat the fleets maybe 30% of the time, nearly always with Toothless, but once in a while with only other dragons. Now, I haven’t won one single match, even with Toothless at 1200 range power now. During selecting, it says “excellent” Chance of Success (rating always seemed badly calibrated too), but there is like ZERO shielding and health/stamina now, and the closest boats fire at the highest rate. This part of the game is so badly flawed that I can only go in, play about 25 seconds, and I’m dead (basically get the daily 2 Defend Berk tasks out of the way), then I can immediately go back in and still have almost my entire original Berk health bar and all 3 keys still there for the next round. If we end up getting an “obtain 20 keys from Defend Berk” Duty to finish weekly Gobber’s Duties, we’re going to be, well… sunk.
There’s so much potential in the Defend Berk rewards system, but alas, those are a big joke, too - very lackluster amounts of wood and fish that I can gather in 5 seconds or less with my dragons. And never collectibles or any useful things, just very tokenary amounts of Runes, wood, fish, and gears.

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Gears are the single reason you do this for. They otherwise “clutter” the treasure pack and other sources of treasure token drops with this, the least valuable of treasures.
Also later on you need 10 defender dragons on a medium level for one of the legendary dragon quests, so getting them early and keeping at least 10 of them is a good thing to do.
Later types of that collection will kost 5k and more of those cog wheel things so you start to appreciate them.