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Defend Berk Suggestion

Defend Berk Suggestion:

I was thinking it would be cool if the actual ships and the catapult effected your Berk, maybe each enclosure and building has some type of health bar, when a building gets destroyed you have to rebuild or it could regenerate over time. For the dragon enclosures the dragon could flee, abandon its enclosure because it got destroyed, then after it is repaired it comes back. Maybe as a power up or something like that you can use a legendary dragon, the screaming death already increase your dragons health and attack but it would be cool if you could see it take out a fleet.

To make it more interesting your dragons could get captured (of course you could get them back) but I don’t know a good way for it to work… if a dragon did get captured you could get it back by sending another dragon on a mission to get it back (like journeys). But unfortunately this could get very annoying. The only way I can see the dragon capture thing working is if the ships actually get to Berk.

Anyway I think it would be a good idea for defend Berk to actually effect your Berk in some way.

This is a nice idea