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Defend Berk update?

Many long term players are now on an endlessly repeating Fleet 999 with Drago’s screaming face there every time. According to the RoB wiki, Defend Berk will be six years old this December and has not had any real changes to it in that time. It would be great if this could be looked at in future updates. Some ideas below:

  • More Defender dragons. Who wouldn’t love a Defender DeathGripper or Defender Dramillion?

  • Bosses. Let’s say for every 1,000 fleets defeated you battle a legendary dragon. It’s static but does bigger attacks, and you have to choose your team well for this, but get a bigger reward (maybe a classic pack) for defeating it.

  • More villains. The series and films have more villains than just Alvin and Drago. It’d be nice to fight Alvin again, or Dagur, or Viggo. Each one could use different tactics with their ships meaning you’d need to put more effort into choosing the right dragons.

  • Catapult upgrades. Let me use iron or polished Amber to let the catapult do more damage. Or perhaps it can be “powered up” with Amber for a short while to allow it to do more powerful shots for the next three battles.

I think that really covers it, would be great to see some changes after six years of it basically being the same.


These are great ideas and would really improve the constant recurring defend battles.
I would like to add one more:

  • Allow players to get all the 4 keys if they clear all ships.
    It’s really hard to do so the current buy the 4th key could also remain as an option.

These ideas sound awesome. I would love to have some Defend upgrades.


Ideas for other rewards: amber and collection items; seasonal currency while we’re at it.

Also why is the max counter 999? Journeys counter can go higher than that.


That’s a great idea. And don’t forget, there’s Grimml now.

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