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Defense incubator for alliance missions


Anybody else feel like they got the total kills and total battles mission backwards? 4000 battles and 2000 kills. :thinking: 2000 kills in 4000 battles goes without saying.

The much more obvious choice to me is 4000 total kills and 2000 battles. Idk why that just seems so much more guided. Having a mission where total battles is higher than total kills makes no sense to me .

Am i alone on this? Lol

Is 4000 battles too much?

I think the better question is how long will we all care if its just for concav DNA. I hope they mix it up


I guess I never paid attention to the Defense Missions, because I never noticed this. That DOES sound a bit weird. I will give one rebuttal, though! 4000 battles is easy enough to do. But just because you battle a lot, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to take out even one creature off you your opponent’s team!


We’ve completed rank5 incubators in exploration but defence seems more difficult. Currently at rank 4 incubator and only mission left is 2000 no of battle. 4000 battles are damn too much :confused:


Were done with exploration too. Have been for awhile. Were going to have to bust our butts to get 4k battles in tho.


4000 battles does seem to be very excessive and goes against Ludia’s commitment of a higher quality of life. Each battle on average takes 3 to 5 minutes based on matchmaking waiting and of course the battle.
If you have 50 active players they would have to do 80 battles each on average That is a asking each player to commit to 5 to 6 hours of battle time. We also know players have lives and some players will have to do more battles.
Than of course to battle, you would have to choose to do it, with no rewards, or spend a lot of cash opening incubators.
Or you can game the system, and just hit battle and walk away from the phone.
I guess if an alliance wanted to, they can set up a few baby accounts to do just that, and kick them out near the end so real players can come in and enjoy a prize.
Just hit battle on the phone every 6 minutes. That would get you about 10 battles an hour. 5 accounts constantly battling for 10 hours straight could get you about 500 victories.

I really don’t expect too many alliances to complete the Rank 5 task.


We shoulddddd finish it. But its definitely steep


Agree, battles number is way too high. My alliance is struggling with sheer number of battles. I myself have difficulty committing that much time to battling.


I just think they have it backwards. Cant believe they meant more total battles than total kills. Ur always going to have more kills than battles. Goes without saying.

That being said when they see how few alliances finish defense theyll probably change it. There will only be a select few that finish it


who has 50 active members? at most id say 30 on a good day. that goal will be tough to meet since i barely do 100 matches/ day. lets say those 30 members do 75 battles/day. thats just over 2k battles. whats a more realistic number of battles per day?


probably 40 to 50 if that includes stroke battles and pvp.


It tooks us like a day and 7 hours to complete 2k battles. We got a little over 2 days left and around 3k battles left. Gonna be close


I have no interest in the defence incubator - battling is a tedious, glitchy chore sunk even lower by the abusers and the incubator contains three utterly meaningless DNA. So I contribute strongly to the exploration incubator and leave the other to the members of my alliance with the patience to deal with the nonsense that is battling.That said, I’d probably give in and contribute more battles if the DNA changed each week and was occasionally something I could use. But it’s still a pretty big commitment to expect over 4,000 battles in a week.


I just want both incubators to change - they have been the same (supposed to migrate inc rewards every month?) :thinking:


Its not 4000 for the week its 4000 just for the last set of tasks lol

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7500 for the week all combined iirc


And its not about the dna thats in it. There are loads and loads of coded incus for alliance missions in the game. If ur most needed epic dino is all of a sudden in the defense incu and it is unobtainable to ur alliance because of steep tasks, ur opinion would change

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Lets say for example the current incus were flipped, ud have this forum FULL of cry babies mad that they finished exploration and got 500 concav, but cant finish defense because its “too hard”

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Great point @Justin_Larson.

@anon44209425 we only had one full week of this event…remember they scrapped it as wk 2 started? Let’s give it a few more weeks before we ask them to take the free sino from us.

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We’ve collected 80k epic DNA, 1.6 million DNA and 1 million coins for rank5 exploration. But we’re lagging behind when it comes to battle. 4000 battles are too much to ask :expressionless: seriously ludia needs to rethink about no. of battle mission