Defense Shatter Rampage - Turn balancing

With the newest updates, many creatures have seen a balancing if they have the defense shattering rampage.

Yet though some have a 2 turn cool down, others don’t. If one dinosaur has a 2 turn cool down on a move that should apply to all of the same attacks.

Tenontorex has defense shatter rampage at a cool down of 1 turn.

While others like adrentismaxima have 2 turns for the same attack.

Which should be fixed so all are the same for that attack.

On a slight different note, but does anyone feel like Thoradolosaur’s Group Shatter Rampage

Is hitting through cloak, and dodge much more often than it otherwise should? IT seems like half the time i face it, it goes right through evasive stance, or cloak without any issue. I know it is a chance, but the odds seem rather off right now. Though it could just be my own bias.

Its never quite the same move. Unless it has exactly the same effects, they can give them different properties. Although I also don’t understand why Maximas Taunt Shattering Rampage has to have a two turn cooldown.

Defense Shattering Rampage is one move. Taunt Shattering Rampage is another.
You could argue that they deserve to have the same cooldown, but that’s up to Ludia. I do think that Taunt Shattering Rampage would be balanced with a 1-turn cooldown.

I do get most of the rampages are a little different. I think personally the shattering and the Nullify Rampage should stay at 2.

And the only reason Maximas seems to be at 2 is because it add on the taunt removing part over a normal shattering rampage, which has no effect in normal battle

TSR, DSR, and GSR are all the same move in the arena though, so why do 2 of them have a higher cooldown? Definite Rampage has a 2 turn cool down, but it removes cloak and dodge. Heck Definite Shield Advantage, which is literally a Definite Rampage that shields, has a 2 turn CD. I don’t think that TSR, GSR, or even definite rampage are equal to that move.


Yeah, which is why i did not add that.

The Definite Rampage does deserver the 2 turns as it one of the most powerful attacks, which thankfully is not on a rex like Dino.

I wasn’t replying to you lol, I was replying to @Mudkipz

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Only Ludia really knows, but you could argue that the creature the move is on plays a factor. Also, the fact that these moves are stronger than DSR in raids. Maybe they can’t or won’t keep separate cooldowns for arena and raids.

The taunt doesn’t affect arena though. So if the taunt itself is worthy of a two turn cooldown, then taunting Rampage should have a two turn cooldown too.

But that does not make sense, as they can make moves work differently from area to area. The revenge move is proof they can have different moves for different times.

It could be a way of nerfing specifically the creatures with that move (2) or it could be that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


I completely oppose this. All dinosaurs should not be equal as all dinosaurs are not created equally. Furthermore the moves should apply differently to give diversity and range to the game.

The real fix would be adding onto a move set to make more just as appealing as using the Rampage every time you regain access. That’s the key. Add value not equality because both do not have the same move set.

They haven’t done that for arena vs raids though, besides the taunt effect showing. Defense shattering rampage has a 1 turn cooldown and it’s fine. But is Taunting really so strong that they don’t want people to spam it? If it is, then they should make taunting rampage have a two turn cooldown too, because it could be spammed in the same way.

See this is why… people need to stop because you all are not considering how this impacts our Raids. This is also why my mindset on this game works now more than ever because we are living in a period where Raids are vital too and Campaign and I would heavily advocate for a separation of an Arena moveset and a Raid/Campaign moveset where Group Shattering Rampage has no delay in Raids, but does in Arena.

The way it sits now they can not afford to nerf but so much or change but so much or they risk ruining the Raid strategies that work. So never again will anything seriously drastic occur.

Yes, obviously.

I’m not sure what you mean by this. But even with the diversity of having a taunt on Taunt Shattering Rampage, is that really strong enough to warrant an extra turn of cooldown?

You can either make a move better to match the cooldown, or reduce the cooldown to suit what the move does. Personally I don’t want taunt Shattering Rampage to do anything else, so that leaves reducing the cooldown as the best way to balance the move (if one thinks that it isn’t strong enough to require a two turn cooldown).


Giving different creatures the same move does not make them equal. There’s a limit to how much diversity you can rationally fit into a game like this, especially considering that it’s a free game. It also makes sense for certain creatures to share moves with certain others.

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I am not on for much longer. ( bed soon so i will give you my final thoughts before i call it )

I think they should full balance the moves with two move sets. We have seen this with the new revenge moves, where they attack differently than normal. They can and should do this for arena and pvp so both can stay balance without the other suffering pointlessly.

Plus with some like the Shielding version that the Gemini can use, than it would make give back the advantage to use Maximas over the Gemini, as it could hit faster and harder, though it would not be as safe to attack.

Either way, keep the chats and the discussion going. Maybe we can get ludia to do soem work and fix this.

Night all.


That wasn’t what I was referencing. It was the way each move is on each creature should not have the same limitations. Meaning just because one has a cooldown does not mean another needs one. So what if it has the same move?

If they can do that, as I hope they can, that would definitely help a lot of creatures, especially the healers.
It’s something I’ve suggested myself.

Maybe because they are the same move and need to do the same thing… it doesn’t make sense for one move to act differently on some creatures

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