Defense Shatter Rampage - Turn balancing

This poll could use some diversity as well. What about a new poll with specification. I’m not simply being in opposition just for the sake of it. I only believe this is necessary in certain circumstances. I do think it not fair to assume definitive viewpoints.

Should move cooldowns be different on different creatures?
  • Yes, in all cases
  • Only sometimes
  • No, it’s would make the game too confusing

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You’re taking this a bit far. The thing is we aren’t talking about changing a name we are talking about the same exact name. Neither of those creatures has Delayed in the name of their rampages. One should have a cooldown while the other simply should not. A cooldown doesn’t necessarily mean delay either. You can have an opening move have a cooldown.

I think you took it too far with the amount of damage. I am simply stating accessibility should be different in certain circumstances.

If everyone has access to water balloons in a water ballon fight you might limit the amount supplied to someone who throws super fast versus someone who does not. The water ballons are still the same. I know this is a bad example, but I can’t use the example I really want to use…

I was exaggerating to prove my point. Cooldowns and delays are almost as important to know about a move as how much damage it does. If I see a dino that has Defense Shattering Rampage, I know that it has a cooldown of 1 and a delay of 1. If it could be different on each dinosaur, then I would have to memorize a different cooldown/delay for every dino with that move. That just isn’t practical. Now you could give it an extra delay for some dinos, but now the move is no longer Defense Shattering Rampage, so it would need a new name to let players know that it doesn’t have the same attributes as Defense Shattering Rampage.

It can’t be subjective. The move is what it is and does what it does. This can not be argued as it is a fact of how the move operates. I am shocked at people saying adding a cooldown changes the move. It does not. It changes accessibility to the move. If a plane takes off at 7 and another built exactly the same but takes off at 7:45 they are both the same plane as far as build and performance, but the access to each is different. One has delayed access. But it’s the same plane in every way.

This is not “out there” what I’m saying. I have been proposing Arena versus Raid/Campaign stuff. We are in a time where nerfing and buffing will be limited.

No. You should be looking anyway. We should not entice people to be lazy during battle. If you make a mistake that’s on you. Always scout your opponent. Even as a veteran.

Oh and let’s not forget the logic of some dictates that because I’m a First Year Veteran my word is law around here due to experience it makes me more valuable than someone who started playing seven months ago. According to… other people here in these forums. Source: 2.2 Tier List!

I still check other peoples moves, but that shouldn’t be a requirement. In literally every other game a move is a move, and it is always the same no matter what character uses it (except in fringe cases that are specified within the game, like the pokemon move curse working differently for ghost type pokemon). Luckily Ludia understands this, so they wouldn’t add a confusing system like the one you’re proposing.

Are we really back to this? First of all, no one said that Gamepresses word is law, except for maybe you putting up that strawman to take down. Secondly, while Gamepress is respected, it’s because they aren’t just one person, they’re a collective of dozens of some of the best players in the game. It isn’t just one person making all the rules. Your opinion and my opinion are just our own opinions. They gain meaning if and when people agree with them. Gamepress gains respect because their opinions are not the views of an individual, but the consensus of dozens of players opinions. I’m sure that none of them 100% agree with their own tier lists, because they aren’t owned by any one person. To top it off, the majority of the community tends to agree with the majority of their opinions precisely because of this group consensus. Lastly, if the “seven months” thing was a jab at me, that’s just how long I’ve been on the forum (whether or not it was, I take no offense). I’ve been playing JWA since it’s release. So yeah, I think my word counts for something. But only if people agree with it, which they happen to do in this case.


They explicitly state with each tier list that that is not the case.

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Who are they? I am talking about our fellow posters…

No one is arguing whether or not a move is what it is and does what it does.

The accessibility is inherent to the move. Hence we have Delayed Rampage and run. You don’t make the rules around here, Ludia does, making the way you think it should work subjective.


The people who come up with the tier list. They are all veteran players, are they not?


But that is valid here. Yes I did go there because I was making an exaggerated point, much like you. I am not proposing anything too out there, but hey if they can have people respond and play that card I wanted to show you can’t have it both ways.

Opinions are still equal. Amount of people makes no difference. If ten people all agree than running with sharp objects is amazing and two speak against it does that make the majority correct?

I didn’t know who you were talking about, but the responses I received said their word is law.

And I am not making the rules, but a cooldown is just an access hold on a move. The move is still a move regardless. A safety feature on… items doesn’t make the item not the item it just has a safety feature.

The thing is, the majority tends to be correct in most cases. If people agree with you, then you can work together to make progress. If no one agrees with you, then you’re just one person shouting into the void.

Cloaking and evasive abilities are pretty useless in the current meta.

That is not true. At all. This post is also totally over the top. I mean the original post. It’s so funny that the if it is not broken do not change it people are arguing against me here.

This is very very off. I have no issues with it. Where are people getting this mindset fr… oh, right.

If you think cooldowns don’t matter, then you have a LOT to learn about this game. Cooldowns are turns, and turns are the most important currency in this game. It’s why deceleration is so powerful: it let’s you take another turn before your opponent. Its why stuns are so annoying, because they make you lose your turn. I choose my moves not directly by how much damage they do, but by how many turns it takes to finish off my opponent. For example, a 1 damage nerf sounds like nothing. But it would be enough to stop Diplodocus from killing 4500 HP dinos like T Rex in two turns, making it an incredibly signing nerf. Turn management is essential in this game, so changing the number of turns before you can access a move fundamentally changes how that move works. Hence the need for a new name designating it as a new move.

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From their own experiences???

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People are arguing against you because you’re supporting a confusing an unhelpful system.