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Defiance Alliance Members


This topic is for members of the Defiance Alliance. Here we will have the opportunity to discuss Alliance related issues, share any tips or tricks with each other, discuss what dinosaurs we get DNA for in our area and discuss how it can best be shared.
This is also the place to let other alliance members know which dinosaur you are currently trying to fuse or upgrade, this will give us a better understanding of what is needed in order to help you achieve your goal.
Working as a team will ensure the enjoyment of the game for all alliance members, while at the same time building a team of strong, effective and cohesive players.
Ask questions, leave tips… whatever you want to do, this is the page to do it on …
If the entire alliance checks this page at least once a week, we can make this work.
MONDAY will be team chat/message day.
Happy Hunting. Cheers ‘Dinbot’ Toni :):grin:

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Hello Defiance members


I will be sharing some information with you…



Yo wus good.

I’m not in this alliance…
gimme the cookies you stole from my alliance!
:angry: :cookie::cookie::cookie::cookie: