Definite alert frenzy

@Ned could you ask your team to rename this move on the unique Ardontognathus please?

The reason is because all other “definite” moves remove cloak/dodge/shields/taunt and bypass armor.

However definite alert frenzy only bypasses armor so it is not a “definite” move and that makes the name of the move misleading. A better name would be either armor piercing alert frenzy or just piercing alert frenzy which would more accurately reflect that the move bypasses armor.

A lot of players including myself have yet to unlock this creature so that’s why not many people have commented on the name of this move yet which does not reflect accurately what it is supposed to do.

Thank you.

Edit: just to be clear I am not asking that the move be changed , that would be too OP, I am only asking for a name change, thx


at this point i’m not sure if they care about naming moves properly

Like Skirmish is literally Group Fierce Rampage with a Definite Rampage icon


Earlier the attacks were simple, so are their names. Pretty easy to understand.
But now? :dotted_line_face:


They’re probably not going to change the name but maybe in future updates they might change it to remove cloak/dodge

Or rather just renaming it to Piercing Alert Frenzy


Hey Spaceweaver! I’ve forwarded your suggestion to our team.

Thank you. :smiley: