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Definite Impact and Rampage - Anti Cookie Cutter Team

So it’s just human nature. You play against Indo G2’s, Procerat’s and Indominus Rex’s, your going to do one of two things: Get these and play them yourself… OR …Find counters and use those instead.

I get really bored of playing against the same creatures but instead of just having the same boring cookie cutter teams as everyone else, I put together a team that counters those.

Use my team here as an example of a cookie cutter counter team. Every creature either has Definite Impact or Definite Rampage that kills cloaks, blasts through shields and goes through armor like a knife through butter. Notice I also have a couple bleeders to help as an added bonus against the Indo G2’s. There are others I can switch for some of these but this “Definite Impacting Rampage” team works. Any of these Rampagers is a good adder to any team.

My Team 20200612


Ardent and Gemini are also great at this

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3 of those i don’t think i will have any time soon
But yes brontolasmus can be very good at killing indo gen 2’s