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Definite Rampage cooldown?

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Bug Description: Release notes said cool down was going to be changed to two:

But in game is still one:

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that’s interesting.

Thank goodness they kept it at 1. A new creature should not be nerfed.

They probably realized it was overkill and decided to forgo it altogether… good call Ludia :+1:t4:

Nerfing an exclusive Dino right after you release it is tasteless.


Thanks, Somedinoguy! :thinking:

not just Lania, but wooly rhino and mammotherium as well.

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We tested it in game and it definitely has the cooldown. Looks like the text is incorrect.


Kinda figured that was the case…

Text is wrong but DR definitely has a 2 turn cooldown.

so what’s better now? shattering rampage with 1 turn cooldown, or def rampage with 2 turn cool down?

i guess it’s situation specific :face_with_monocle:

So Lasmus probably isn’t good anymore for tourneys.

Lania and Therium has PFS, so they won’t be hit that hard.

That’s why I kinda like the change. It makes you choose between them. Now definite rampage is not strictly better than defense shattering rampage

Okay, but what about Spinonyx? Like, yeah it wasn’t used very much, but she’s affected too. She can’t straight up whack on evasive dinos without holding back.

I wouldn’t say that. it still has more hp than any other creature in the epic hybrid skill tournament along with 30% armor. It’s very strong, but it is not what it was

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Yup I used a wholly rhino earlier tonight and it was a 2 turn cool down… someone on Ludia’s end just forgot to change the cool down on the move description from 1 to 2.