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Deinocheirus Tournament 4/12-4/15

Looks like we know what the tournament will be for and the confirmation of the rules. Kind of surprised we are using aquatic creatures to unlock a Jurassic creature.

Anyways this thread will be for the tracking of the tournament in regards to placement and projections for the Dominator League.


Oops, made a similar post just a few seconds ago, but in the wrong thread.

Four victories already got me into dominator, so I suppose this tourney is ranked according to super rares only, and my hybrids are only at 10. Might not be as bad as I initially thought it would be. Here’s where I am after a few more wins. Still early though.

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Sucks event

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I am lucky the first battle I won in the tournament gave me the deinocherirus pack

This is the first time I won a pack in the tournament


This tournament is kinda lame coz many ppl didn’t pay attention to their aquatic creatures. Lydia we want Land dinos tournament without rules. Some rules will be okay but not like this tournament

At their own peril, yes you can ignore a portion of the game.

But then you can’t get mad at Ludia when they add an event that uses that portion.

I like the fact that they are mixing everything up so as to use creatures that otherwise sit and collect coins as their only function.


Until now it is not as hard as I expected. With one level 40 and two level 30 nearly every battle could be won. Since cooling time is significantly smaller as in normal tournaments you can have more battles in the end.
For now I’m calling it a day here in central Europe. Here is my result for the first day.


Good job :clap:t2:

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I completely agree with you with one caveat. On the rare tournament, hybrids were essential. With a couple of exceptions, normal rare creatures were useless. I understand that hybrids will always rule the day, but if a tournament is supposed to use a certain scarcity, regular creatures of that scarcity should be able to compete. I have not been able to play the current tournament, but from what everyone says, so far this is holding true for this tournament. I hope this stays.


Yes so far I have not needed to use my hybrid super rares. I am doing more data digging on this tournament now that I have a ferocity calculation and seeing some interesting stuff. Like @DinoStan I am already in Dominator with only 4 wins.

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Somehow I’m in dominator as well with just a couple wins. I have zero aquatic hybrids. So, we will see how this goes.

Luckily for me, I spent March working on my aquatic army for hatchery time.

Right on @Potato. My hybrids at 10 are pretty much equivalent to the regular super rares at 40, so this tourney is really well set up so we all have a fair chance without a swarm of hybrids (like that rare-only cerato tourney last month).

Well, I’m having the opposite problem. Almost all of my super rares are at level 40, so after 1.5 runs through a, I’ve only had one battle (the second with my lowest group) that netted me over 30 trophies. Still, I’ll take “too easy” over “almost impossible”

So far the tourney is much easier than I had expected. Taking advantage of the Tuesday hatchery discount I hatched ALL my super rare aquatics. I hatched a pretty good lineup for the tourney, but was unsure given how the rare tourney went and the whole thing ended up being rare hybrids. So I hatched two more Leptostegas and 2 more Dakodermas as well (had some bucks and dna to burn). A word of advice, I’ve found level 10 hybrids to be more than sufficient for the battles so don’t bother with level 20/30 hybrids, they would be overkill. Here is how I stand after day 1. Good luck dino dudes!

Now that I’m in Dominator league, I’m receiving more trophies.

Now, my aquatics are rubish (we’re talking about lvl 20s), but somehow i got to 80 in dominator. Not complaining!

First set of data pulls for the day:

As everyone else has mentioned so far this tournament has been a welcomed change from needing to face crazy hybrids once in Dominator. I have found the sweet spot to be around an average of 1420-1470 for ferocity on my team nets me 36-37 trophies for a win and usually I am within 5% of the match up the game gives me. I am noticing how much Ferocity can be used to predict things within the game, it lets me take a very systematic approach to the game which I really like. AS I am picking my team I know if I can select a lower level creature and not have to use up my higher level creatures. Depending on which creatures I am selecting for battle this is typically 1 lvl 40 and 2 lvl 30s, or even a lvl 40, 30, and 20.

Will have to take note of how this tournament changes for the second day where there is usually an upswing in the requirements to keep pace with what Ludia is expecting for progress.


Im 1st with lvl 30’s only

The good thing about having lvl 20s, is that when you win, you get full on 40 trophies.
Just got four 40s in a row.