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Deinocheirus Tournament 4/12-4/15

My number is 1

Have mercy on the fish. You’ve almost tripled on the silver medalist, my friend. :upside_down_face:

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Here is my result from today. This tournament is up to now very easy for me. I have 16 level 40 super rares plus 2 hybrids. With this constellation I win nearly every battle. I don’t want to say that this tournament is boring, but for me it is not very challenging.
Apologies to all guys who have problems.

Morning and early afternoon runs

That’s why I’m actually surprised that I’m sitting in the #1 spot with only 9 Super Rare Aquatics, 3 of which are hybrids at level 20 and then 6 at lvl 30 or even 20.

I was expecting to do a lot worse, but after doing 3 battles I consistently stay in the #1 position:

But the tourney isn’t over, so we’ll see.

I only have level 30s, and no hybrids, and I’m at top spot in dominator and won every round so far. This is a very welcome change from the Gigantophis and Lythronax tournaments where I had to spend a ton of dino bucks just to scrape into dominator. I also really wanted Deinocheirus, so this is good.

My best team seems to be 30 Helicoprion, 30 Xiphactinus, and 30 Mauisaurus. The Xiphactinus counters Reefs, and they all have pretty low cooldowns.

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Level 30 seems to be the sweet spot in terms of creature strength: strong enough to win, weak enough to be well rewarded. I’d say that’s were people need to start focusing their energies, but next time will be different. I wonder how Ludia decides the opposition strength.

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Day 2, still trending strong.

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Morning run

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My luck seems to have ran out. For some reason every single time (literally) i get type disadvantage on the first round and i’m instantly dead.
Well, predator reward is much better than what i initially anticipated, so i’ll be happy with that.

Here is my result for today.
This tournament is still no great challenge for me. It seems to pay for me that I always hatched and evolved aquatics when I got them.


As most have already stated this tournament is a much different pace than the last few. I wasnt tracking it back when the last Cenozoic tournament happened but I feel like this is similar to that. It seems that the majority of players neglect both the Aquatic and Cenozoic on the whole so Ludia makes these tournaments easier. Or at least they seem easier if you have paid attention to these two groups of creatures.

Bot first place in Dominator I am predicting at around 1100.

Bot 100th place in Dominator I am predicting at around 650.

It was nice to take off about 24 hours from the tournament and only go from 11th to 88th in Dominator, and after only a few battles back up to 15th.


Day 3, hoping for my first 1st place finish. image


Finishing day 3 up strong

Not running up the score, just trying to get a pack for my daily missions, but Ludia kept denying me one. Gotta wait till tomorrow.

Okay, i think we’re back. I did some fights as part of my daily missions and flew back up.

Two evening runs

I’m am the first one to offer my final result. Had not much time to play today, nevertheless I’m the King of my ocean.
The only thing I have to criticize in this tournament were the very poor rewards. I did not have even one card pack in three days, no dino bucks, from time to time 200-500 DNA. The rest was food (about 5000 average) and dinodollars (amounts are not worth to mention them).
@Sionsith I forgot if you are still have interest in the end of the list. I tried to make a screenshot but the tournament was closed. Sorry for that.