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Deinonychus Gen 2

Love the plumage on the Deinonychus, he reminds me of a terror robin.

Sincerely hope the second gen can have blue Jay plumage.


We have enough raptors. I prefer something else


Ceratosaurus, Gigato, Afton, Metriacanto, all of these can be added


I don’t disagree. But you know we’re getting a Gen 2 Deinonychus.

How can you know that?

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More raptors? no thank you! Otherwise we will have to change the name of the game to “Raptor World: Alive”

Easy access template. Everything is already set up for it.

Virtually all the smaller dinos have a gen 2.

You’re right I don’t KNOW, but based on historic precedent I can pretty safely assume we will get a gen 2 Deinonychus.

Why? We don’t have a gen2 raptor yet

Blue, Echo, Delta, Charlie…there’s no need for a Gen 2 specific raptor, we already have 4 “gen 2” raptors.

Deinonychus Gen 2

Ah there is no gen 2 version of the Deinonychus yet they have only released the generic gen 1 example of it so far but if everyone looks very closely they can see very clearly that it is actually a Utahraptor but this version is a rust / red colored example instead.!.

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Utahraptor’s feathers on its forelimbs are more spiny. Dienonychus is way fluffier. Also, Utah has a longer face and more concave back. Try again.

I actually had the same thought which is why I studied it this much. Sorry man…