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Deinonychus + stats and amphibian hybrid from

Can you add Deinonychus non feathered version, some like velociraptor, to the game? here are stats idea:

Type: Carnivore.
Rarity: Golden Legendary (tournament creature)
Health: 2920
Attack: 1220
Coin: 184 756/6 hours
DNA price: 8 000


Hybrid: Deinogyrinus
(Deinonychus level 40 + Proterogyrinus lvel 40)
Type: amphibian
Appearence can be something like Ostaposaurus, stats can by similar like metriaphodon or Zalmonodon

A Featherless Deinonychus is impossible! Cause Concept art,BBC,ABC,FOSILL and Many thing says it have Feather! The Rest is very good!

Stats are a bit too op compared to the other jurassic tournaments we have.