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Dont know if this has been covered already but…im slightly surprised something better known like the Deinonychus isnt included when something I never heard about before in my life before here such as Pyroraptor is here


There’s enough raptor-like dinos in the game, particularly with all Owen’s raptors. Why have another type that just does what raptors do?


Guess im just surprised they didnt have a deinonychus from the beginning, kinda expected one to be on over a Pyroraptor…but guess they wanted to add something not so known so ah well


I like that the games includes dinos that haven’t had as much public attention, it gives me something to research. I often use games like JW: A and Ark Survival Evolved to introduce me to more prehistoric creatures, I then go and look them up and find out all I can about them from more accurate sources. :grin:

For example, the reason Pyrorator, (full name: Pyroraptor olympius) was named as such is because it was found after a forest fire occurred (Pyroraptor: Fire Thief). The species name comes from Mont Olympe, a mountain in Provence in south-eastern France at the foot of which the animal’s remains were found.


Pyroraptor is in jurassic world the game too :eyes:


I mean technically it is in the game just under the vraptor moniker. Deinonychus in JW evolution is smaller than Vraptor in that game where as it should be much much bigger IRL.


Yeah, if im not wrong Deino was the same size the Velociraptors was potrayed as in the movies while Velociraptors in rl were much smaller


That’s true, the JP raptors are 100% based off of Deinonychus. Velociraptor was about the size of a turkey. Here’s a size chart I found


So yes, Deinonychus IS in the game, just renamed “velociraptor”, as it’s easier for kids to pronounce.

They really should add the REAL velociraptor, but that might end up being really confusing, and i don’t think we want to ride that particular “crazy train”, do we?


That would most likely mean we would have two Velociraptors, one feathered and one not. At least if they do the same as they did with the Pyro, enlarging it’s size from actual Velociraptor size to movie Velociraptor size.


Ha ha… like i said, confusion and chaos…


They just do that to fit their model rig. That’s why pyroraptor looks big and utahraptor isn’t 20 feet long. It’s just part of their game design to save resources is to share animations and rigs between similar creatures