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Deinosuchus and hybrids

Ok, before saying anything, I wanted Deinosuchus and its hybrids to be relevant in todays meta but I didn’t want to make them so powerful that it breaks the game. I also wanted them to stand out from the other crocs and co, to make them unique with their own playstyle whilst retaining balance. Deinosuchus would be exclusive to events and tournaments.


So first is Deinosuchus itself. The reason I made Deinosuchus like this is so that in skill tournaments it can deal with resilients and put up a fight against other fierce, but outright lose to cunnings. Now to explain the move choices, fierce strike is standard for most fierce dino’s. It may seem strange to have binding impact whilst having no escape, but that’s for dino’s with a resistance to swap prevention, so Deinosuchus would have 2 chances to stop said dino from escaping. Definite impact is there to deal with too confident cunnings who think they can just dodge without taking any damage. Now to explain its resistances, as fierce creatures go they should counter resilients completely, this why I have made its Deceleration, Stun and Vulnerability 100% for that very reason. For Bleed it is also 100% resistance, as I said I want it to put up a fight against other fierce creatures. And its swap prevention is also 100% because of the reason I gave towards resilients, it can’t kill solely on its own but you can set it up. Now as stated I made it so cunnings would decimate it and that they do, it has no resistance to rend, so Alloraptor is a perfect counter, even Allosaurus Gen 2 and Andrewsarchus beat it, a lot beat it but not too much that its useless.

Deinodon ~ Deinosuchus+Troodon

Introducing Deinodon a great legendary but not as op as ones like Monolometrodon. This is the fusion between Deinosuchus and Troodon, a creature perfect for most situations. Deinodon has mainly the same stats as Deinosuchus but with a bit added speed and a little bit of extra armour, this is the creature you will pull out to counter Indominus Rex in the lower arenas, a nullifying strike was added to again punish those cunnings who think dodge or cloak will work, cunning impact was added as a way to deal with boosted fierce dinos, now I did not add Troodons distraction resistance as that would make Deinodon basically Monolometrodon 2, which is not what I am going for here.


Thyreodon ~ Deinodon+Scutosaurus

Now Thyreodon was difficult to decide on the moves, I wanted a creature which would work well in both arena and raids but whilst being balanced. So I chose Scutosaurus as it has yet to get a hybrid and I didn’t want the final component to be too hard to get. Now I do not want any revenge moves from Scutosaurus nor did I want a shielding move because it would basically be MRhino at that point. So instead I opted for a Group Decelerating Rampage, as said I wanted it to be useful for raids but also arena. It doesn’t mean it would take either Maxima’s or Gem’s roles with this move. I have tested that 15/15/0, 10/20/0, 10/15/5 or 20/15/0 builds all do well in the arena, especially against nitro Thors. Depending on the build depends on the results you’ll gain in the arena, some may be better than others for different scenarios. Now lets discuss its viability against apex’s, it does well but not too well, it can deal a ton of damage before it dies, I won’t say much more about that topic because it seems rather sensitive. As far as raids go, Thyreodon can clear minions, it can distract and it has a decent final hit. All of Deinosuchus and its hybrids cannot cleanse to keep it balanced unlike certain nuisances.
Note: Gryposuchus vs Thyreodon is a very fun match up.

I would appreciate it if these were added in the game, they are strong but balanced by the fact that the first ingredient of the hybrid will be exclusive. And they have been thoroughly thought out by keeping the meta in mind and how the class system should work. Obviously images are just Grypo, Puru and Rixis lol.

Thank you for reading all of this and any opinions good or bad are welcomed.


I think that binding impact should have 2 turn cool down, other than that they look good👍

Yeah but that’s up to Ludia lol.

Sorry thought you changed it to one

30% armor and a huge amount of immunities seems unfair, but it might work. Everything else looks good though.


It can’t cleanse and it can be distracted.

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I think those imunities are too much

this is my version

Yeah, cool but Crocs in real life are pretty hard to kill as it is and their resistant to a lot of things, so I portrayed it in the game. Look at Grypo and Rixis both have only 2 resistances and that’s it.

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