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Recently I contacted ludia so I said this
So Ludia I wanted to contact you about deinosuchus in game in jwa so please add a deinosuchus rhamphosuchus or stomatosuchus and give the crocodiles in game a little bit of a buff they are too weak and are not strong enough so I will write some stats for deino rhampho and stomato so first deinosuchus

Level 11 Deinosuchus attack:606
health:2121 armor:15 percent crit chance:10 speed:111 moves vulnerability strike 606 fierce strike damage 606 ferocious rampage 1214 increase damage 25% for 2 attacks.immune to speed decrease 75 percent and vulnerable 25 percent. No escape found everywhere


Level 11 stomatosuchus attack:480
Health:1909 armor:5 percent crit chance:5 speed:107 moves superior vulnerability damage 480 fierce impact
Damage 720 and rending attack.immune to taunt 75% and distraction 50%. On escape ferocity increase attack 25% for 1 attack.found everywhere

   Resilient and fierce 

Level 11 rhamphosuchus attack:505
Health:1606 armor:0 percent crit chance:20 speed:116 moves minor rending attack vulnerability strike damage 505 ferocious stun passive 66% stun and increase attack 15% for 1 attack.immune to stun 50% and speed decrease 33%.on escape rampage 1010 damage on escape.found in events


Level 11 kaprosuchus Gen 2 attack;577
Health:1750 armor:0 percent crit chance:10 percent speed:123 moves maiming wound damage 577 superiority impact damage 809 Wipeout damage 1262 stun 33%.immune to speed decrease 100% taunt 50%.found in parks


Fierce new moves are Wipeout on escape ferocity and ferocious rampage ludia please add them and it would be nice if you follow some of the damage and stats and moves I have because the crocodiles need a buff so please add them and follow some of my stats good luck ludia on success and please buff some crocodiles make a crocodile update and follow my stats please.scroll down for new raids.

New raid bosses
Saturday:deinosuchus raid triceratops raid
Friday:spinotasuchus raid rhampho raid
Argentavis raid

Please leave feedback and some other stats

Ludia only listens to customer complaints and in-game issues. Your requests are about the game, it won’t be taken care of unfortunately

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I would suggest you to make the stats as if they were lvl 26 as that’s the base of every creature, you can also use JWA Toolbox to organize your ideas better

I know I sent an email for interest sake have any feedback

Thank you i will do that