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Deinosuchus in Jurassic World Alive

Deinosuchus would make a great addition to the game. Deinosuchus would be an Epic level creature, what would set it apart from other crocodylomorphs in the game is that its more viable and has better performance in fights.

Its base stats could be as followed, high attack followed by decent health with around 10 - 15% armor, its main drawbacks being slow speed and having a low critical chance.

The game already features many crocodile relatives (sarcosuchus, purussaurus and gryposuchus), it wouldn’t really make sense to exclude deinosuchus and wouldn’t take a lot of effort to make either! Just modify purussaurus’ skull, play around with the color scheme and you’re golden!


I’d be down for more crocs as long as they don’t make it a Dawn and Dusk spawn like Gryposuchus


I welcome any suchus that actually looks like a croc.


Deinosuchus (my take)
Health: 4,440
Attack: 1,370
Speed: 110
Defense: 15%
Crit. Chance: 10%

  • Vulnerability Strike
  • Ferocious Strike
  • Lethal Wound
  • No Escape
  • Minimal Counter-Attack

Lazy to come up with a hybrid, anyone can


Hey this is pretty good, as far as stats go I think they’re pretty solid, as for the moveset I’d have

  • Persistant Ferocious Strike
  • Defense Shattering Impact
  • Immobilize
  • No Escape
  • Swap In Heal


Deinovolax (Unique)
Recipe: Deinosuchus + Dimodactylus
Health: 3,870
Attack: 1,060
Speed: 125
Defense: 10%
Crit. Chance: 10%

  • Shielding Strike
  • Ferocious Strike
  • Lethal Wound
  • Impact & Run
  • Swap-in Wound
  • Immune to Swap-Prevention
  • Rending Counter
  • No Escape

This bad boy can fit so many passives


I recently contacted Ludia regarding a Deinosuchus in the game, they said the ideas have been passed on to the developers. Hope to see it in the game soon

Ooh. That’d be nice if it did

What does that mean?

That they have passed the ideas to the developers, (for a Deinosuchus in the game)

Sounds like it needs to be a legendary instead of an epic.

Well some look like Caimans (however you spell it)

Legendary are mostly hybrids and superhybrids

Sarcoaxis is a super hybrid and is an epic

Still croc-like.

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Well yeah
It would be a legendary

But grypolyth exists

You’re in luck

Not until Ludia confirms they add a new suchus.

More suggestions coming soon