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Deinosuchus, Please?

I just wanted to say we all love Deinosuchus, so I would really like him to be in JWTG. I am also requesting a charcharadontasaurus, Then we can fuse charchara and deino, making deinodontasaurus.

Deinosuchus Basic lvl 10 stats: 720 health, 358 attack.

Level 40 stats: 7892 Health, 3698 Attack.

Rarity: Tournament.

charchardontasaurus Basic stats: 1982 Health, 617 Damage.

Final level 40 stats: 9732 Health, 2572 Damage.

Deinodontasaurus Basic stats: 2543 health, 798 Attack.

Deinodontasaurus Final level 40 stats: 11523 health, 7832 Attack.

Which is too weak and which is too OP?

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Small correction, it’s Carcharodontosaurus*

A sorry for that. One of the longest Dino names.

But anyways, How is it? Good? Bad? OP? Noob?

I’ve clearly Never said Micropachycephalosaurus.

Lvl 40’s for Deino and Carchar are way overpowered for just tournament creatures, you’re making them stronger than most Tournament Hybrids. I would recommend checking the stats of lvl 40 Pteranodon Gen 2 and Deinocheirus and make something between them (better than Deinocheirus and a little weaker than Pteranodon)
For Deinodonto, just a little nerf on health and attack, you’re making it stronger than Indoraptor

I’ll see what I can do

Definitely wayyyyy too strong.

For the deino id say 1782 Health, 328 damage

Lvl 40 stats waaaay too strong.
Health: 3140
Attack: 910
Health: 1990
Attack: 1350
Health: 10983
Attack: 3679
And the hybrid lvl 10 a bit weak
Lvl 10 deinodonto:
Health: 2893
Attack: 1045

Yeah Good enough. but for deinodon he’s among the leagues, Having a white background with purple, and he goes up Against gorgo indor (maybe?) Metri Pachygal Indor G2 (I’m not sure if he can) Segnosuch and basically all the Op hybrids. So yeah your stats are good.

Gorgosuch is done for

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