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Delay in allowing me to choose first dino (countdown go zero)


Why almost every battle I only can choose first dino when countdown reach about 15 seconds left?

And most important: in friendly battles, the countdown is 15 seconds, and some times game allows me to choose dino when it’s at 2s or 1s left. And worse: many times it goes zero and I start battle with first dino of the row, because I just couldn’t choose.

I’m the only one facing this?

PS: my connection is ok, this happens with mobile or home network.


I have been having connection issues and lost 4 battles for nothing.


I’m also having the same issue with friendly; I join and the counter is already at 2 and my dinos haven’t even flipped yet!


Connection issues have been worse since the last patch.

My girlfriend and I are both on the same phone plan with the only difference being I have the iPhoneX and she has the XS. Yet when we are together there are times when she can connect and I can’t and times when I’m connected and she can’t connect. The other times seem normal when we’re both connected or disconnected at the same time.


I’ve had this ever since the 1.4 update dropped. The support team looked into it and basically they say it’s to do with having an older phone and its connection but I have the same problems if I’m on wifi too.

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It’s got nothing to do with having an older phone. I have the same problem with my Galaxy S8 I bought a month ago.
I do not have the problem with my 5year old A3 (2016).

It’s really annoying and I hope after 1.6 this will be fixed.

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