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Delay on instant rampage

The title says it all.

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Disagree. I’m fairly certain the problem is with Phorusaura specifically, not the move itself. It’s the perfect revenge-killing move, and I’d like it to stay that way, whatever happens to Phorusaura.


I’m hoping the extra delay on Rampage and Run helps. Phorusaura was just so slippery, it could do two rampages and escape easily. Damage output should be more reasonable now. And the damage nerf.


It definitely makes a difference. Resilient creatures have time to set themselves up or slow it down now, without it just leaving the matchup for the next creature to take care of. It was an unexpected change, but it seems like it was a good one, although Monolometrodon is now harder to counter.


Yeah Monolometerodon needs some attention. It says a lot that one of it’s only counters (at least legendary counters) was something as strong as the old Phorusaura.

I think they made a good job on that nerf. It’s no longer too slippery but still has the possibility of running If It can survive long enough. From the few experiences I’ve had with It, I’d say it’s still strong but balanced for its rarity.

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I am really sorry about it before. I was busy all week long