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Delayed Location w/ Scented Dinosaurs


Bug Description: While a scent is running, if you dart at an event dinosaur or do a strike tower while on the go, your radar indicator will linger where you started darting event dinosaur or strike tower until after you finish & scented dinosaurs will spawn from origin of Dino darting/strike tower fighting

Area it was found in: L3 & L2

How do you reproduce the bug:
Step 1- Turn on Scent
Step 2 - Dart (event) dinosaur or initiate strike tower
Step 3 - Drive/walk away & start darting dinosaur or fighting strike tower
Step 4 - Get buzz for scented dinosaur that popped up to appear where you started darting Dino or fighting strike tower, but not appear where you currently are.

How often does it happen: Every time.

What type of device are you using: iPhone X

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here): I want a refund on my Epic Scent.


Is there a general GPS lag bug going on? I’ve noticed something off quite often today


This happened to me over the weekend too and I lost an Erlik b.c of it

GPS spazzed out, took the map screen somewhere else and then refreshed to my location and the Erlik spawn disappeared

I was stationary in L3 at the time.
Using iOS


Isn’t this happening before 1.6 patch as well?

Well, I also encountered this yesterday after using a Large scent.

@Hersh Sorry to hear you lost a golden chicken… one spawned right on top of me when I was brushing my teeth… :wink: