Delete Arena Chest

When all the chest slots are full, it’s discouraging playing arena. Really enjoy battle mode, they chest sistem really takes all the fun.


Thanks for sharing your thought, @Archy_Pinks! We will send this to our developer team! :slight_smile:

It’s done that way to get you to spend gems to clear slots. It forces you to choose between gems or possible rewards that you could be missing out on.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it and just keep going. The likelihood of getting anything from those chests is so low, personally, i don’t worry over missing some.

That’s just me though.

It would be nice to have the option to delete older chests or replace old ones with newer ones. Still gives incentive to keep doing Arena and if we end up with lots of high level chests, maybe increases chance to use gems.

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I’d love a delete option as well. This game comes off as greedy with the 10$ subscription and insane in game prices for upgrades. I’m more likely to pay irl $ if the games not requiring it just to play.

You can delete chests by fast opening them with gems. I don’t think you’ll ever see a delete option. It’s not in their interest.

I decided to do an arena battle even though my chests are full. What the heck? I only get bad chests.

Guess what kind of chest I got?

A rare.

No slots.


Don’t worry. It will save the chest until you have a slot. You won’t miss out.
I do this regularly. The chests drop in a defined order (mostly the 3 hour plain ones) and don’t skip even if you do it without a slot.

Never seen that happen. I’ve had the tier 2 chest awarded when my slots were full and when I freed one up nothing was added. Also the next battle I did was awarded a tier 1 chest. If they keep this greedy pay for everything mentality then no one will play and it will cut their profits in the long run

I don’t think the chest symbol you see, when your queue is full, is actually the chest you would have gotten. It’s the same symbol for me every time. So either I was supposed to have gotten a metal chest 10 times in a row when my queue was full, or it’s just the image they decided to use.
After all, why would the game roll a chest for you to win, if you don’t have room in your queue anyway? I doubt it actually rolls anything.

Why would you waste time in PVP if your chest slots are full?

To get the reward for winning 8 matches, or sometimes to reach a higher arena, so when I do have an open chest slot, I’ll get a chest from the higher arena straight away.

But you’ll still get the reward when you win eight matches. There’s no point wasting a chest over it.

I am not “wasting a chest”. It’s not like I am losing a chest by playing. If I didn’t play, I wouldn’t get a chest either. This way, I get the reward for 8 victories straight away instead of playing one match every 3 hours, which means it would take me days.

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If your slots are full and you win an Arena it does show different chests greyed out. The Tier 1 and 2 chests look very similar when greyed out only the gem on the side of the chest is significantly different. If you look carefully and quickly sometimes you see a Tier 2+ chest greyed out.

It would be better if you had an option to combine 2 level 1 tier chests to make a level 2 tier chest and so on. I’m currently in the top arena hovering around 2550 points. I only play to get the bonus chest in the top right corner. I have the VIP as well so it also gives me a VIP chest once I win 8 times. I have scored a legend card from a level 1 tier chest twice but I play A LOT. I currently have most of my hero’s at level 12. I’ve also taken advantage of a few deals that cost real money. I’ve prob spent around $500 on this game thus far. Noticing I’m only about 20% maxed out when I do some Mickey Mouse math. On a level 12 hero it takes 70,000 points to level them up to level 13. I think they level up to over 20. To level up some of my common cards I need 800 to level up. Getting outrageous. Not spending anymore money unless I get a big payday at work. I’m sad… :frowning: