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Delete ceramagnus

Dear ludia,
Please remove veramagnus from the game. Adding it it was a horrible mistake. Its way to overpowered and unpredictable. It has made battling much worse. Its become pre 2.0 I do gen 2 where you have to use it or you’ll never win. Please remove it from the game.


While it’s strong, and it most definitely needs a nerf of some sort, Ludia has never deleted a dinosaur from the game, and likely never will. There’s a way to fix the issue that’s not just extermination


Well if u r annoyed too much u can go, stop fighting to delete a amazing creature it’s not worth it and sounds lame :).

What a waste of a topic. :man_facepalming:

Instead you should have asked for something actually achievable instead of asking for something that everyone, including yourself, knows won’t ever happen.


Although I agree something should be done about ceramagnus, Removing it is far from the right option.


Surely the person who wrote the topic, has a streak of lost battles for ceramagnus, so let’s take it as such, a fit of anger.

I think if you can live thru the days of draco swap in dsr+attack and health boosted, it makes cera an easier pill to swallow, considering it is an apex. Rat was eventually nerfed (tho it took some time), and imo cera as well eventually.

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Why i feel dejavu cough cough monolometrodon topic cough*. Im sure Ludia will nerf it we just need to wait, remember monolometrodon ?? Ludia might do the same thing with magnus. They just need to wait until a lot of players spend so many money on it.


Idk if its damage output is too strong, then ludia should consider making it a precise impact, or just knocking off 200-300 attack. Seems like a simple adjustment to me

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It’s strong but not broken or overpowered at all.


Remove?!?!? Just think about what you have said.

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It will happen bro.there r just too many ppl to be ignored and we know cough cough Ludia, it will turn out to be really bad like the history.

None wait and ask for more counter (as it is slowly coming) but ask for nerve it.

What to do ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I think it’s the definition of overpowered, we’ve really never had a dino in the game as OP in fact. Obviously we can’t remove it from the game 100% needs a heavy nerf


Removing a dino never will happen. And it would be the wrong way of dealing with this pain. In the end, players have spent time to unlock and level it.
But nevertheless, it clearly needs a nerf. And not just a mild one.

Obviously it’s not but who make it understand to the haters who still can’t adapt even having so many counters by now.

Ludia has never removed a feature or creature and it’s probably never gonna happen. Although ceramagnus is strong he is a boss after all so he’s meant to be better than lower classes


So this rare can beat Magnus in 1v1 no swap.


Tryko also beats him in 1v1 no swap

Alberto is quite powerful for only a rare, It can also kill mortem 100%

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Yes i agree

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