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Delete park spawns and make them global and local


Park are rare and if you are in a park there still only aparto, and the other trash of global spawns


In my opinion parks should allow a low percentage of all spawns. Likewise, nothing should be park locked for area. That way parks are valuable but do not depreciate gameplay by locking certain DNA within an area so many have an next to impossible task to farm.


Thanks for bringing up the topic.

Yes, out on the country their are no parks.
My closest park is 20 kilometer away.

And aswell, they moved the common dinos for all playable hybrids to the park! Not fair.


I tested the park spark spawns and there are only those trash from global spawns and even with a scent the same oh well 1 tanyc the Rest only global trash…

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Agree with post title. Disadvantage for us players in urban city with tiny or almost none/zero park

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trying to get banned? :grin::man_shrugging:


No, keep park spawns as park locked. But make parks to actually spawn dinosaurs. Parks are currently empty. Completely empty. Make parks a vibrant environment full of dinosaurs…

Additionally, update the map so actual parks are reflected in game. The largest park in my city doesn’t even show as a park in game…


It needs to be marked on their source map. In this case I think it’s Google maps?


Not all parks (Green areas on the game map) are created equal, meaning some parks are much better than others for spawns. I have a dozen in my neighborhood and they mainly make up my hunting grounds. It is surrounded by larger ‘state park’ and ‘green areas’. My findings may not be consistent with all parks, but it is what I have found in my area.

My observations: Most Epic park spawns are proximity spawns. You have to locate those points to find them consistently. Rare are usually visible

Larger parks are not better. Locate smaller parks that have a few SD in/around them and search for the Proximity spawn points. Smaller parks with 2 or 3 Event SD are better producers.

Some parks produce few to no spawns while others can spawn regular Rare and Epic. Large State Parks with many event drops can be garbage hunting except for the event drops. A small-town square block park with two SD may hold 4 or 5 Proximity spawn points around it.

If you hunt a park a few times and never get a wild or Proximity spawn, it is dead and not worth your time.

If you see a wild Rare or Epic, chances are it is a good park and worth walking to find all the Proximity spawn points and to hit regularly. If you see a wild Rare or Epic spawn in a park, that is the place they will most likely always spawn.

Go a block around the park and look for those proximity spawn points, they spawn park also.

Some parks never or rarely spawn actual ‘park locked spawns’. Some parks can be consistent producers and up to a block away from them.

Out of the dozen parks I have access too, only three I hunt regularly. Two are fantastic producers of reliable Park Spawn Dino’s. 6 of them rarely to never spawn ‘park spawns’, or any spawns actually. The others are sporadic at best, I usually get one visible spawn from them. The large State park with only Event Drops in it, has one proximity spawn point in a mile. I only go there for Event spawns.


Yes, you’re right. It looks like this park is not registered on Google maps for some reason (it does show as park for PoGo). I don’t know if I could fix that myself. I already tried reporting to Ludia the coordinates and so far nothing.

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I am not sure what the process is for editing Google maps. I do know we used to correct OSM all of the time for Pogo. You can submit a suggested edit per the screenshot below. I would bet that if you sent a link showing it is a recognized city park as well as a picture showing the defined edges of the area they would update it for you…eventually.

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This. Our city park has barely some spawns except event stops, while in PoGo there is between 50-100 spawns. Meanwhile in nearby tree alley, which is no park at all (it’s park just on maps) has around 20 different dino park spawns.


I think park spawn need a litle change, make spawn for only park dino and it too much dino to hunt in park compared to local zone it has 50% more dino in park. I think it should has 50% from local so we can hunt what we relly need in park.


Park only spawns are an awful idea. I work 8-6 and when I get home it’s dark, which means parks are closed. How am I supposed to get park only spawns? Risk a ticket or even jail time for state parks just to level up my dinos??


Thank you, I’ll try this. So far I had only moved the location of the pin that marked the park location.

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Park spawns rock how else can you get 2 different spawn areas within 1??


If i could i would like this 100 times, park spawns have to be completely removed and integrated in global/local, also i really like the idea of parks having all creatures in them.
In my town there are only 2 parks, which is a huge disadvantage, i can see why people spoof, zones are really poorly designed, same with parks and spawns in general, besides the being lazy which Is unacceptable.


Jurassic Park isn’t even recognized as a park. :laughing:


Ludia. Please delete all park spawn. Not that im too lazy to exercise, if that is your main intention. Just that not everybody in this world has Park advantage in their map. If u can make some sense.


I 100% agree.
We can even equate parks to ponds/lakes. Some locations have many, some have none.

Especially when there are many spawns isolated to parks (6 epics, not to mention valuable rares!) the probability of getting what your team needs is almost* nonexistent.

This was not a well thought out idea IMO

Possible solution: No park exclusives.
But make spawns that are day-time only in the 4 locals be available all 24 hours in parks.
Imagine the dinos wandering about during the day, and coming there to sleep :man_facepalming:t4::man_shrugging:t4: :sweat_smile:
Just a thought