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Delete speed boosts and crit chance

Dome dinos are already too strong. Having a high crit chance just makes them stronger than. They need to be. Just get rid of crit chance all together. Speed boosts have been the biggest plague in this game since they came out. Everyone has a nitro dino. Usually thor or mortem. You could be on the verge of a garunteed victory but lose just because the opponent is 1 speed faster or because they got that lucky crit

Aren’t a lot of people complaining about the fact that all teams are too similar higher up in the game wouldn’t the removal of speed boosts cause a lot of frustration because of constant speed ties because a lot of people use similar teams?

I personally would rather be able to increase my speed to be higher than others than be stuck in constant speed ties that I always lose because I have bad internet


They need to make it so only certain genres of creatures have critical chances. For example fierce creatures can keep there crit but cunning (with some exceptions like ovi) and resilent class creatures should have a 0%. The other exceptions are fierce hybrids (cunning fierce and fierce resilient). They can have a lower crit chance than the original fierce.

I gotta say, 5% chance to crit? I call bs on that one, the amount of times a creature with a 5% has critted is too many to count.

I also agree with speed boosts, they should absolutely be deleted, but I’m fine with keeping dmg and health boosts

Or y’know let cunnings gain the most out of speed boosts, like they get +4 speed for every boost.

I find that I don’t really need speed boosts and nitro creatures are usually down there because they stink in higher arenas

Having played for a while, very few nitro creatures, are good long term.

I use level 25 Gemini and taken out nitro level 30 thor, because they focus to much on speed.

Health and attack boosts counter speed boosts most of the time. Also, speed boosts do allow for skipping over speed ties. Either i am faster or slower, and have to figure out which moves to use from there, versus, shall i press the button somehow faster, and need to guess if am making the right move now.