Delete these non senso bio dom quest

@Ludia_Developers delete this Nonsens bio dom quest from my acc right now! Its hacked cracked or Something like that. System does always the opposite of me . So i have no chance to win anyway. Same in pvp always get opponent who has at least two creatures in the strong colour against my best creature. This is making no fun. DELETE IT!!!
And i dont want have comments of how to play. The rest of my quests i am running thriugh without a Problem!!!

It’s because your ceno lineup is severely unbalanced it’s the only reason it is hard

Look how easy mine is


Also If you are doing ceno PvP never use snows best class to use is Savannah because the opponent never brings high level snows and 90 percent of the time they bring high level caverns


Second battle I won with just super rares…


It has nothing to do with unbalances when the fact is: when i hit he blocks when i reserve he hits when block he reserves. Try to win then good luck …

In the vip event with bio dom i am running through too …

It smells like victimhood…


It’s because the vip events are gradual increase in ferocity whereas the main ceno events are equal ferocity over 4 matches (last match might be a tad harder), again if you had depth in your ceno lineup this would not be a problem


Well, there are unlucky peoples that tries to put three herbs in pvp qnd opponents are three carnos, but…,

@Aether_12 i dont even xan do one … Oh by the way in vs quests it now begins too 34 matches to get through that. I never become the chance to begin there and system makes the same as in bio dome… Last week it was 5 matches 5 wins getting better and better and what did i get for 34 matches? Look for yourself. Thats a joke not more

System hates me thats more than clear

Hmm… I would expect similar reaction from my 7 years old son (and even then I would try to reason with him), so I can’t help but wonder how old are you :thinking:

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@Thedinoiswithme it is all about predicting. If you put in a meat shield with the advantage on their first creature they will switch to something on their team with the advantage on your creature. They will go for a lot of hits to kill your said meat shield. Then you put in something with the advantage on their creature and if they had a block and you kill them in 2 you go for 3 and put the rest in reserve. Their next creature will probably not attack and go almost ALL the time 2 block. Let’s say you kill him in 3 so you go for 5 and 3 reserve. Their final creature will kill your creature and you have 1 more so you go all out.

Hope this helps


That answer comes always from people who has no arguments any more…

And as you write your assuming that a system never has failures. They all have

I wanted to let you see mine normal pvp, even if this time they were weaker

Not great luck with prizes

Can we see your lineup

Based on your last post about Cenozoic events, you’ve been given difficult, but winnable battles. We gave you some advice about how to improve your Cenozoic lineup and approach the battles. I’m guessing you didn’t follow that advice.

You haven’t shown this matchup, but here are some matchups from the past, from players that legitimately had broken battles.

Are broken battles/events possible? Sure, but they’re rare. And unless you’ve got something different to show us than last time, you don’t have a broken event.

If you want help, we’ll be glad to help you. If you need to vent, fine. But if you want to throw a temper tantrum, don’t expect much sympathy


Here were my battles:
Battle 1: I actually started off with the Pano in the first slot and the fodder in third slot and after the opponent switched in his cavern I swapped in my fodder.

Battle 2: captured the screen shot here of what I also did in terms of setup for battle 1, it’s about forcing the opponent to make a move, and then capitalizing on it with the fodder of the class the opponent will have the advantage on so that you know they won’t switch off again. Building reserves in this case since the opponent attack on their first switch.

Battle 3: same as battle 1 and 2 in terms of setup based on classes and setup of the opponent.

Battle 4: this was my toughest battle ferocity wise but was also my easiest in terms of moves since up to this point I have not been using my strongest creatures. This battle also was all three classes so instead of a fodder I went with three equal creatures one from each class.

I have tried to lay out most of my moves above here but there will be some studying on your part. As @Andy_wan_kenobi has stated above there have been folks that have had broken matches in the past so it’s possible, but highly unlikely. I have given you a road map in my battles of a slightly different way to approach the battles but it’s a map and you have to drive to the destination yourself. If you need to stop and call for directions the forum is here for you.


I’ll give you a tip …
quick and calculated matches

in this last photo :point_up_2:you can see that metriaphodon 3 hits the first, 1 hit the second and 2 hits the last

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Gotta say panocthus looks amazing maxed also hyaenodon


gigantophis the only snake that kills itself and 2 more…