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What?? What’s wrong?

Bully Impact is an ingame move used by the Glyptoceras raid. The move isn’t new.


Ten char

Matt is only updating the Field Guide based on actual game data and sometime from datamine… As such, he has nothing to do with what’s in it. He is doing an incredible job at maintaining this awesome app very quickly (often within 24h). Not sure why you’re pointing at him…


no I just wonder what makes this coincidence…

I don’t mean anything about copyright or something… just wonder if this just coincidence…

You’ve brought almost the exact same topic up in the JWA Discord Arrowhead. I do not think it’s a coincidence that you have almost the exact same image as the one Ludia used, because I think you just claim you made it while in reality you just yanked it from Ludia’s game files.

What I personally find even more offensive is that you call the Field Guide suspicious for that, for using the exact same source that you used to get your images, namely by datamining. I feel like you should apologise to the creator to the Field Guide for this, as you clearly aren’t being sincere here. You just want to say you created something on your own that Ludia is now also using, while in reality you didn’t do that. You just took it from the code and then claimed it was your own creation. You know that, and we all know that.