Deleting the App

This is the biggest cash grab game I have ever seen possible, soon as you get to level 4 you hit a pay wall this is legitimatly a pay to play game there is not way to play this game for free, this is bringing a disgrace to the DnD franchise having Dungeons and Dragons slapped all over this game, Wizards of the coast should be appalled to allow them to use there franchise name on this product, I downloaded this app a month ago and since then nothing has changed your still stuck behind a pay wall at level 4 - 5 with no way of progressing, and this is after a month of playing and the community complaining aswell.

What I suggest to everyone is uninstall the game stop playing, and then when they loose there community maybe something will happen and they will fix the game, in the mean time Shadow legends Raid seems to be one amazing game and no pay walls either.


Lol you sound like a whiney child that can’t handle a grind

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Stop crying, there’s some many ways to get easy gems. Just by spending an hour on tapjoy offers you can have more then 1k gems = more then enough gold to grind till you are lvl 10.
Many posts around, and there’s a reddit page and discord chan to help you with more info. Please look around first.

Is this game supper grindy? Absolutely and I love it! Much better then those “Auto” Play games or energy system.

When I read responses like “stop crying” it sounds like dev plants trying to make legit complaints sound unreasonable. Really, taking time out of your day to make messages like that? It’s too common a complaint to just dismiss. If you like accepting offers for 75 bucks a pop of maybe 2 legendary pieces, good for you. Most people don’t.


Agreed. Individuals who seem to be apologists for broken or insidious game mechanics are either acting foolishly or are paid shills.

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Well, this guy is really just whyning. He is just saying the game sux and everyone should leave it.
The game has serious problems, but complain like he did is a lot worse than say “stop crying”.

Perhaps you should read it again and not just dismiss his concerns with creative spelling

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I see the Paid Shills are out in force claiming you should download loads of other games or fill in loads of offers for data grabbing just to play a game.

If you can dismiss concerns as fast as that when there is legitimacy to the claims by many members of the community and also ones of the DnD community seeing this as a tarnish to the name, then you must either be paid shills or new to how things take action to get changes to the game for the better.

You should not ever be able to play 20 mins of a game and then hit a pay wall where you have to pay just to advance imagine if you was playing COD or LOL and you played 30 mins then the rest of the game you have to pay to get past the next 10 levels and then pay again and again. Would you defend them like you are doing here.

Please take time to read the communites responce to a game mechanic that can cripple a game if it’s not sorted out before you act like a paid shill.

Turns out this member definitely is a payed shill they even made a post about how much they have spent on the game, but then come to posts claiming the games is f2p not P2P